Wednesday, March 22, 2006

At the feet of the trees

I found these gorgeous little blue flowers sprouting near the place where I first spotted the winter aconite weeks ago. It’s a wonderful, cheery little flower growing beneath many trees who have yet to push forth their leaves. Notice how happy they are emerging from the blanket of the trees' leaves from seasons past.

While chatting with my landlady yesterday, I learned that these little flowers were originally brought direct from England by her mother many years ago. She even offered to have me come and collect some to plant around my cottage! Guess whom I have a date with this morning? I'll be sure to ask her to remind me of their name, so I can share it with you!


  1. if this were a painting i should title it 'diamonds in the rough'

    BTW - hope you got the mail about the URL change on my blog its now's a long story on why i had to change it

  2. I'm interested in hearing the answer to what these are. We planted some in our lawn under the cherry trees when we first bought our house and I've since lost the package they came in. I run around every spring examining the lawn to see whether they're coming up, and the lawn doesn't get mown until they're done flowering. :)

  3. JB, I agree - one could definitely do worse than tree-hugging hippy. :) I suppose if I had to be labeled, I wouldn't mind that one bit! It's so important to keep a sense of humor about ourselves. :) Glad I could be helpful!

    UW, thanks for the title suggestion... I like it! You're right, it would make excellent paint material! Not to worry, I found your new site. Thanks for the update!

    LilyB, the answer is scilla! They must look GREAT under your cherry tree, with a lovely snow fall of cherry blossoms to compliment their lovely blueness! Oooo... I need to plant a cherry at my new place here!


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