Thursday, March 23, 2006

Scilla and Salix

Our little blue flowers are known as scilla. These beauties apparently come in a range of colors including dark and light blues, and even some whites. They are amazingly brilliant in their little swaths across the lawn, and appear to love the shade of the trees. Like LilyB, I cannot imagine wanting to mow until they finish their blooming! [I know the image could be nicer, but this is all I have to share for now].

As to the second image, I had to share another from the weeping willow… I’ve always wanted to have a weeping willow in my garden, and this is the closest I've ever lived to one. I was having loads of fun playing with its tresses while taking pictures, and I was amazed when I took the images back to my computer to find the brilliant sunshine silver laced along each delicate branch!


  1. the weeping willow branches somewhat resemble ivy vines

  2. Mine don't nod, so I went to my trusty Western Garden Book to see if I could figure it out, and this is what I have:
    Chionodoxa or Glory-of-the-Snow. I wish the package had said Glory-of-the-Snow. I could have remembered that!

    Did you know willows are incredibly easy to propagate? If you ever get a branch of corkscrew willow in a flower arrangement, stick it in the ground and it will grow. I love weeping willows with, or without leaves. I think they should grow next to every pond, trailing their branches in the water.

    P.S. Thanks for the link! Do you mind if I add you to my links list?

  3. Oooo Lily, those are lovely! And you're right, they look very similar to my flowers too!

    Indeed I did know that about willows, because I remember learning that they like to live along rivers, and propogate by branches that snap off, float downstream, and take root elsewhere. Now that I have one within snipping distance, I might be tempted to accidentally snap off a piece for my cottage!

    And yes, you are most welcome to add me to your links list! Thank you! :)

  4. These pictured silica are the most perfect purplish blue! Spring really is coming on strong in your area, and even here I spotted some crocus blooming while walking my dogs one day.

  5. UW, it's true, the weeping willow do have a vine-like quality to their growth habit...

    Crystal, you're so right - I'm incredibly lucky to be enjoying spring around here. It's even more fun seeing as how it's my first spring in a whole new place. There are wonderful subtle differences between eastern PA and western WA - especially with the not-so-subtle absence of a predominance of evergreens. Everything is a wonderful surprise!


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