Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tall trees and squat flowers

I found some more flowers today! These popped up in front of another one of the many small structures sprinkled across what remains of this old farm.


  1. Oh, I want to move in there! I love old cabin-y places! :) Nice picture.

  2. You'd be pretty happy here Frankengirl... our little cottage is just my speed. I'm not sure about the condition of the little place in this picture, but since it has a chimney, I'm betting it was pretty cozy in its day!

  3. I think this is my favorite so far. While it looks a little desolate, it holds such an enchanting charm as to draw you in. What it really makes me do is to consider my maturity level. Twenty years ago I would have looked a this image and thought, "Man, what a nasty old building." I'm now at a point in my life where I can see the wonder of what it must have been like if two people who loved each other might have lived here in another time. I can picture them sitting down at a handcarved wooden table situated near the fireplace. They would be eating stew out of beautifully painted clay bowls that perhaps she bought at a little shop in town. It really does stir the creative juices.

  4. I love your thoughts about growth Karen... isn't it wonderful to be able to look back on life and see those things in ourselves?

    I'm with you... I just love to look at all the stone structures around this old farm and dream, dream, dream about how things might have been "back then"...


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