Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Trees in gold skirts

While I realize that I’ve shared a lot of forsythia with you lately, I simply must share more! After all, it is blooming all over the place, and with pictures like these two, how can I resist?

Gold sunset light on gold flowers equals arboreal bliss.


  1. Magnifiques couleurs de printemps !

  2. i love these photos, I took heaps of them before too. What kind of your camera?

  3. Hello GodKnows! I'm so glad you like my tree pictures. My camera is a Nikon COOLPIX S3 digital. It was a gift from my mom and dad. I really enjoy it. All my photography skills are self-taught, and the digital camera makes nice photos pretty easy!

  4. They have skirts but can they dance?

    The foilige is highlighted quite delicatly by the sun in these shots, they are a good view.

  5. Thanks Ducklover! I really loved these images... they just came together well. I'd have to say yes - trees most certainly CAN dance! :)


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