Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blossoms upon the trees, blossoms upon the earth

I simply had to begin with the image of the tiny white flowers on another as yet unknown herbaceous species. These little white flowers are reaching up all around the tree roots along the trees beside the cottage. The violets are popping up across the grassy fields with several other tiny ground-dwelling flowers.

You may recall me mentioning that next to the cottage we have a line of large trees, which includes the eastern white pines that I blogged about when we first arrive in Pennsylvania.

At the end of the row is this tree which just opened its blossoms. Like so many trees around here, I do not yet know its identity (yet being the operative word).

The final picture is to give you an idea of what the whole tree looks like. It’s tall and skinny, with lots of crazy hair on top! Once it puts out leaves, I’ll be able to use the tree identification guide to make an educated guess at its species.


  1. Hopefully you can see some leaves bloom within the next month or so.

  2. UltimateWriter, patience is truly a virtue... and you know, once nice thing about the trees all taking their time is that it gives me the opportunity to explore each one in turn. So I suppose it all works out!

    FrankenGirl, I am positively smitten with every teeny tiny little flower that pops up in the brush, the ditch, and the driveway! There's something so magical about the tiny ones. And thank you for the compliment! :)

  3. the pic second from the bottom has an interesting bloom, made me think of a couple of things...

  4. Ducklover, that's my favorite too!

  5. what does it remind you of, it is a flower bud right? I would like to see it once it blooms.

  6. Ducklover - what it really reminds me of are maple tree blossoms. When you're out and about, take a look at the blooming big leaf maple trees (The Big Blue Frog can help you with finding the big leaf maples).

    While the big leaf maples have bigger blossoms too, in general the shapes of these blossoms remind me of maple blossoms more than any other tree. I can't wait to learn what this is!!! The mystery and discovery is so much fun.

    Either way, get TBBF to help you find the big leaf maples - their spring blossoms are simply gorgeous!!!!

  7. Ducklover, a small correction: the epithet is in fact, The Big Blue PHrog! :D

  8. I always enjoy looking at your pictures...

    Little violets like those ones in your photo are running rampant through my yard...each spring I find more and more. I love 'em. :)

  9. Thank you SpiderGirl! Aren't those violets fantastic? I love looking out and seeing the grass blush violet!


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