Monday, October 22, 2007

Trees and Pumpkins

Here in Eastern Pennsylvania, the colors of autumn are in full swing. We are having a warm October, which means my garden is still ripening red tomatoes, and the pumpkins have their second wind: new flowers and fruits appear every day.

We’ve pulled about 30+ pumpkins off our plants this season. Early in September we began decorating around the farm with pumpkins: under trees, on doorsteps, atop and beneath fenceposts, and leaning against sheds. Our hope is that a handful of seeds survive the mid-winter raid by the squirrels, providing us with another year of pumpkins for next season.

These two are beneath the Eastern white pine next to the house – I’ll let you know next spring whether they manage to resprout!


  1. what a beautiful photo! Im jealous of your pumpkin patch, never had much success growing these...enjoy all the pies etc....

  2. Hi Geraldine! Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm glad you're back online. Any new books in the works?

    This is positively my favorite season, and it's my first time growing my own pumpkins. I highly recommend giving them another try if you wish - I think the secret is lots and lots of compost and cow poo. ;)

    Happy Autumn,

  3. Hi JLB, I just recently did a tag list (on my blog) and not being a gardener was included. Such a great hobby and sometime career to pursue. You certainly have a knack....its not just down to c.p and compost LOL!!!

    Yes, I have 2 cookbooks in the works.

    Have a great day, G

  4. I like your blog.
    I like everything about Trees


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