Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November Forest

October was kind to Philadelphia this year. We enjoyed late summer heat, which means that I was still harvesting red tomatoes until just a few weeks ago. It also means that many trees are still holding their leaves in swaths of pink and gold – great news for us tree lovers!

And there’s more good news for us tree lovers:

First, the Festival of the Trees came twice this month, courtesy of Salix Tree at WindyWillow. Go forth to enjoy the Trees of Halloween – if you dare! Then take a leisurely stroll through the Trees and Fruit of Autumn. Delicious.

Second, forest biologist Nalini Nadkarni is putting the finishing touches on her most recent book, Between Earth and Sky: Our Intimate Connections to Trees, due out in Spring 2008 from the University of California Press. I have had the honor of working as her assistant in preparing this book, and I am very excited to share more with you in coming months.

For now - enjoy the pictures!


  1. Pennsylvania fall is always a treat. Crisp, and never disappointing.

    But here in Atlanta, we have an awful drought with one of the BEST FALL DISPLAYS IN RECENT MEMORY! Aren't trees fascinating?

  2. Good to see you are still blogging.

    Oh please, transport me into that forest for even one hour. I can imagine that it has even more power to its beauty in person.

    As someone from California, I miss a real fall.

  3. Fall is such a special time of year. I am so glad its cooled down weather wise, we had a scorcher of a summer, here in BC

  4. Jesse, thanks for sharing the information about Atlanta trees this autumn - I'm still chewing it over. This year, I'm seeing cherry blossoms again in the cold months... very curious indeed.

    Barbara, wonderful to hear from you, thanks for visiting! I'll be sure to get more pictures up - perhaps I can't transport you, but I can at least bring the forest to you.

    Geraldine, I am also happy to step in to the cold months. The Philadelphia summer trumps a Seattle heatwave any day of the week... it's been a real acclimation I tell you! (But seeing the deciduous forests makes it all worth the while).


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