Monday, October 08, 2007

Raining Walnuts and Butternuts

Currently our days and nights are complimented by the harmonies of late season crickets and falling nuts. The Black walnuts (Juglans nigra) and Butternuts (Juglans cinerea) began losing their gold-turning leaves in September, and as they shed the last of them with their fruits, the beauty of their skeleton shines through for the cold seasons.

Nuts tend to fall in groups – probably when a squirrel runs by shaking a few loose – and land with a soft thud on the earth (or a clatter when they hit trucks and rooftops). Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a nut-picker for the season… perhaps next year!


  1. that is so cool...what a great time of year for harvests. I love the pumpkins most of all

  2. Une parcelle de notre passé ?
    Bonne journée@+

  3. Suite à un orage, j’ai perdu le lien d’arboreality, heureux de l’avoir retrouvé !
    C’est toujours un immense plaisir de visiter votre blog.


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