Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tobyhanna in Autumn Colors

The trees in the Poconos are beginning their grand showing of autumn colors just in time for October. Over the weekend we were so smitten with gold, magenta, and scarlet that I completely forgot to take pictures until the last day of our visit.

Monday morning at Tobyhanna was cool and beautiful. The trees are just turning, and we had a few moments of breezelessness when the water stilled enough to see the clear reflection of autumn colors against the blue morning sky. My photos cannot possibly convey the peace of the morning.

In case you aren’t a forest bunny like me, I encourage you to take an afternoon to visit a local park, or drive a couple hours to a forest, or even just go spend an hour with a tree in your yard. You may be surprised by what you hear, if you just sit back and listen a while.

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  1. Just beautiful...thanks for sharing these lovely pics. Fall is by far my favorite time of year.



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