Friday, October 06, 2006

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has commented here at Arboreality over the past few days. I am happy to say that we had 15 comments from visitors since Arboreality’s First Birthday on Tuesday.

In accordance with that celebration, Arboreality has donated $30 today to the American Forests Global ReLeaf International program. Every dollar plants a tree, which means that thanks to all of you, there will be thirty more trees in our world, planted by American Forests.

Remember, you don’t need Arboreality, or even American Forests, to make this world a greener place on your own: plant a tree, donate a tree to a local school, or simply get out to a park, forest, garden, or back yard, and offer your own thanks to our oxygen-creating, shade-offering, beauty-sharing arboreal counterparts.

Special thanks to Michelle, Kelly, Geraldine, Jenn, Barbara, Trailhead, Pablo, Lené, Sylvia, and Jason, for their comments this week, and thanks also to everyone who visits and enjoys Arboreality.

Here’s to another tree-filled year, and a Happy Full Moon to us all!


  1. That was a great idea for a post JL and Im glad you had a good response. Such an important cause.

    Have a great Sat. G

  2. That's a great donation! Thank YOU, JLB, and Happy Full Moon to you as well! La Lune was beautiful last night, wasn't she?! :-)

  3. What a wonderful advocate you are for the environment, J!

    YOU are a breathe of fresh air!

  4. A belated happy birthday to Arboreality -- sorry to have missed the commenting day, but it's a good reason to initiate some more green habits on an everyday basis to make up for it. And, talking of birthdays, thank you for the daily presents you give us: your inspired writings on trees.

  5. Geraldine, thanks again!

    Michelle, indeed Lady Luna has been looking just splendid... certainly a benefit of clear skies is clear moongazing.

    Barbara, thank you. Trees and forests are very important to me, so I like to give back in any way I can. Arboreality is one way that I like to share trees with others.

    Pollen Nation, not to worry - your visits and comments are always welcome, and I'm sure Arboreality will have reason in the future to do the same "tree gifting" again. I'm so glad that you enjoy Arboreality. Thanks again for visiting.


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