Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trees Are Turning!

Last weekend took us all over the area: I saw Washington D.C. for the first time, the Chesapeake Bay, and crossed into two new states (new to me, anyways), if only in passing.

Sunday, we decided to stick closer to home and spend less time in the truck, which led us to Evansburg State Park, and French Creek State Park.

Above are two of the images I caught on the waters of the Skippack Creek in Evansburg State Park. The trees along the creek are just turning their colors, and it was so peaceful and beautiful there, that had our loveable (PITA) puppy not chosen to run away like the recalcitrant little adolescent he is, I believe I could have sat here all day long, just listening to the water and the wind until sundown.


  1. "I believe I could have sat here all day long . . . "

    I know that feeling in the woods!

  2. There is just something about a place like this that just makes me want to take root, too!

  3. Pablo, absolutely... it can be so hard to pull away sometimes and return to the rest of the world.

    Michelle, I'm sure you would have enjoyed it! We even found some slippery fish hiding stealthily in the shadows. :)

  4. the mirror image is amazing

  5. I agree Ducklover! I got lucky - the waters were smooth and calm. :)


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