Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Red Maples

Red maple (Acer rubrum) in fall colors for Geraldine!

The first two images are from a tree at the Washington Crossing park on the Pennsylvania side.

The third image you see was taken back in September 2005 in Washington State: sunrise on parking lot B at The Evergreen State College. This is a picture of what some Greeners know lovingly as the “dancing maple.” You can’t miss her.

Some of you long-time arborealists might even remember seeing a few of the “Sunrise on Parking Lot B” series back at the beginning of Arboreality in October 2005.

If you’re looking for more fall colors, you might enjoy some of the archives from last autumn in Washington State. We have o
ak from the post office in Renton, Big leaf maples, and one of my personal favorites: Japanese maples.


  1. Maples are one of the most beautiful in the autumn. There's a Japanese maple on our street that is completely scarlet - quite stunning!

  2. Michelle, my folks planted a Red Japanese maple for me as my birth tree, so I suppose I've always been particularly partial to them. And they come in so many varieties!

    And you're right... I think every maple looks good in autumn. The Big leaf maples of Western Washington are just amazing... they turn everything orange and yellow!

  3. Thanks for the leaves JL....these are beautiful but Im still hoping to see some large dark crimson maple leaves soon....as I remember them so well from Toronto. Keep clicking that camera ok, none available where we live right now.

  4. Perhaps you'll like these Geraldine:

    Crimson King Norway Maples

  5. Japanese maples are my favorites! So much so I started collecting them. If anyone's interested - I now have enough left over to fill other people's gardens!

    Japanese Maple Trees


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