Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Crimson King Norway Maple

Did you know that red maples are only red when the leaves turn in the autumn? Well, I didn’t! Red maples have green leaves, and the trees you see in these images are not red maples.

These beautiful, red-violet trees are another kind of Norway maple (which we have recently explored around the farm) called Crimson King Norway maples. What a great name!

I just figured this all out yesterday when trying to identify the row of trees along the road next to the entrance to the Kirkwood Preserve. More to come!


  1. JLB, I'm going to end up pretty smart reading your blog. There's hope for me yet.

  2. Bonjour.
    Très belles photos. Nous avons ici des érables rouges, avec les feuilles rouges.

  3. wow, you learn something new every day i guess. i know nothing of maples really except that whole syrup thing, but the photos are fascinating. (and it's nice to read something i can actually go out and use in my surroundings).

  4. That top photo is really lovely :)

  5. The Crimson King was the uber-villain in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I'd bet Maine is full of these particular trees.

    Are they red year-round?

  6. FrankenGirl, I WISH! Maples with red leaves (especially red japanese maples) have always held a special place in my heart. Among the reasons why I love them may include their autumn-like qualities.

    Susan, I'm glad to share a bit of information with my readers. For all my love of trees, I'm really an amateur when it comes to tree identification. I'm hoping that after a few years of blogging about trees, I'll be a bit smarter too. :)

    Manu, bonjour, et merci! J'aime des érables, des érables de japon en particulier! (Merci pour le mot "érables" en Français).

  7. April, I'm glad that you find the information useful! I really enjoy learning about a tree or a concept and then stepping out and encountering it the very next day! That always happens to me with new words. :)

    Mark, to my knowledge, these trees remain red until autumn. At that time, I would guess that the leaves would turn to a much brighter red hue (as the red japanese maples do) before they fall down. I promise an update in October!

  8. TravellerOne, thank you! I have such a love for maple leaves, I just HAD to start with that image!


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