Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy New Moon, and Happy Autumn Equinox!

These are images from my morning walk today. The bucket is filled with the black walnuts I collected yesterday afternoon, and there’s more where these came from!

Happy Autumn to all those in the northern hemisphere, and Happy Spring to everyone in the southern hemisphere!


  1. It's looking GOOD over here!!! LOVE your new header and layout. Well done...I feel like Ive entered the forest LOL....

    Huggs, G

  2. Happy Equinox to you, too!

    THe spiderweb pic is just fantastic, and what is the foliage in the top pic? It's very pretty.

  3. Becky, last winter, before I knew what was what, I thought those walnuts were apples! I just never knew nuts grew inside green husks. :)

    Michelle the leaves in the top image are some type of bramble (or "stickerbush" as I called them when I was a kid). They look like blackberries to me, although I didn't see any fruit on them. :)


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