Monday, June 05, 2006

Japanese Honeysuckle

Pictured here is some of the Japanese honeysuckle blooming all around the farm. This cluster was found in the hedge, which is filled with the thick perfume of flowers and the attentive calls of protective birds.

Today I spent some time exploring the trees and hedges around the farm, and have returned with a fresh batch of images to share with you for the week! Ahead are several new trees, as well as updates on old friends.

PS – LilyB asked for the identity of a particular flowering tree shown in the second image of the Flowering Trees and Shrubs post. She asked, “I like the one with the wispy white flowers. Do you know what it's called?

Answer: The Fringetree


  1. Showing my ignorance: I had no idea there was Japanese honeysuckle. Is the flower different from other more common honeysuckle?

  2. Howdy Barbara! Perhaps my own ignorance was not made apparent enough: I had to look this one up, as I too had never heard of Japanese honeysuckle.

    My landlady had simply called this "wild honeysuckle," but when I saw the flowers I knew it had to be something specific. Growing up, the "wild honeysuckle" I knew grew in tiny, orange clusters on vines, as in this image here:,%20Trumpet%20Flower.jpg

    I imagine that there are MANY other varieties of honeysuckle out there besides just these two. :)


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