Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Flowering Trees and Shrubs

This afternoon my landlady gave me the most enormous bouquet ever! It was comprised of cuttings from flowering trees and shrubs in her garden, including mock orange, rhododendrons, boxwood, snowball tree flowers, and several others for which I do not yet have a name.

The bouquet was so outrageous that I couldn’t properly capture it in one shot. Here you see several different images of the different arrangements I was able to make from the bunch. My whole house smells spectacular!

Tomorrow, I have a seriously cool tree to share with you. I’ll give you a hint: it’s a colorful species of beech tree.


  1. It is wonderful. It is a riot of colours

  2. Ce magnifique bouquet mérite bien quelques clichés. C’est très beau chez vous.

  3. What a wonderful landlady you have (well, of course, she's lucky to have such a tenant!).

  4. Tahrman, how right you are! These flowers have totally made my day!

    Manu, elles sont très belles... c'est tout, oui?! Je suis très chanceuse pour habiter ici.

    FrankenGirl, I agree - my landlady is just above and beyond great. As I just told Manu in what I hope is correct French, we are very lucky to live here.


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