Thursday, May 18, 2006

Maples, Moon, Mulberries, and Mysteries

Good morning! Here are some of the dawn’s catch, including our waning moon framed by a silver maple (we’ll investigate the silver maple more closely in a separate post).

The second image is what I believe to be another variety of mulberry (so far I believe that there are at least two if not three or more types of mulberry trees growing around here). Based on the leaves, I believe this to be a white mulberry.

The third image is of the type of mulberry growing next to the cottage. This might ALSO be called a white mulberry, or possibly a red mulberry. I’m going to have to do some research to help learn the difference between them.

I’m still planning to show you more about the really great mulberries growing by the cottage. We’re also still working on the unidentified-possible-mulberry-possible-something-else tree (which might even be a quaking aspen) from a couple weeks ago. Zut alors! So many trees, so little time!

Also, remember the mystery tree from January that turned out to be an Eastern white pine? Not to be out done, the evergreens are in blossom as well which you can tell of the Eastern white pine seen in image four, and the oriental spruce Christmas tree I planted in January seen in image five.

Finally, we’re still working on the identity of the mystery tree seen in the final image. I wanted to share another update on its progress – it’s really filling out nicely!

Hmmm… so much for focusing more on my work and less on my tree blog!


  1. Maples, Moon, Mulberries, and Mysteries - ah, MAGICAL! Thanks, as always, for sharing the beauty.

  2. I'm in Tennessee this week and I've been noticing all the unfamiliar trees and wondering what they are. It's so much greener here than I had expected.

    I found this book online that looks interesting: Trees of Pennsylvania: A Complete Reference Guide by Ann Fowler Rhoads and Timothy A. Block. Have you seen it?

  3. Work? When there's tree blogging to be done?

    Perish the thought.

  4. FrankenGirl, you are most welcome! Thank you as always for visiting!

    LilyB, I love the opportunity to explore unknown trees in new places! Now that I'm blogging, I wish I'd been more meticulous in recording images of specific trees in Belize - there were some incredible ones in the Belizean environments both at the shore and inland! By the way, THANK YOU for the book recommendation - I'll have to check that out.

    Trailhead, alas, I have had a hard time putting down the tree blogging in exchange for the work... but the projects are indeed worth the sacrifice!! I guess I'll just have to sacrifice a couple hours of sleep so I can fit them both in. ;)


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