Monday, January 16, 2006

O Tanenbaum

We celebrated the Winter Solstice on the road, but squeaked home just before Christmas Eve. This allowed us time to get some much-needed food (no…more…fast…food…!!!), and to get ourselves a lovely Christmas tree!

Here you see our “oriental spruce” happily planted in our new front yard. We got lucky, and had a few warm days which thawed the earth right about the time I wanted to plant. I do my best to follow lunar cycles for planting/gardening, and put this one in the ground during the Pisces phase of the New Moon. Seen behind it are some of the older trees around our home that we’ll be exploring in the coming months.

One of my favorite parts of planting our Christmas tree each year is watching it grow out of its pruned-Christmas tree shape, and into its own natural form. Now that I’ve seen how great it looks in the ground, it’s sooo incredibly difficult not to want to plant the heck out of the whole surrounding area. However, I do believe that I will have to wait for the Spring!

By the way, did you catch a glimpse of our first full moon of the year this past weekend? Woweeee! What a beauty! Even if you couldn’t see it, you certainly must have felt it!


  1. Yeah, I thought yesterday the day day seemed really short, dusk came early. It's comforting to know the days will be getting longer gradually until...June??...

    So how tall will the spruce grow by Christmas?

  2. I'm not certain... I've seen healthy baby spruce back in Washington State put on six inches or more in a season, depending on how happy they are, but this is my first oriental spruce... I suppose next winter I'll have to post an update on its progress.

  3. I planted a Christmas tree at my Dad's six or seven years ago, before I owned a home. I love seeing it grow every year. And I'm with you -- it's so fun to watch it grow out of the pruned shape. Sometimes they look so gangly, like an awkward teenager.

    I hope to see updates on this one in the future!

  4. C’est un beau sapin qui ressemble beaucoup à ceux que nous avons ici en France.


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