Saturday, May 13, 2006

For Mom

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! These flowers are for you!

Also, a very happy Mother's Day to Mama Jo!

Here is a little bit about the flowers for you:

The little purple ones are from my next door neighbor’s dwarf Chinese lilac bush (also called the dwarf Korean lilac). This beautiful bush began blooming in the last week or so, and it smells heavenly! Its fragrance is even stronger than the other lilacs on the farm.

Our pink-red flower looks like a rhododendron to me, but I couldn’t possibly tell you its particular species. It may be some sort of azalea, a cousin of the rhododendron.

The snowball tree you may recognize from your own gardens… I’m sure it has a real name besides “snow ball tree”, but I’ll have to work on finding that out for you.

As for the little white flowers in the grass – I have no clue what they are, but I love them! They decided to spring up under the trees a couple weeks ago, and appear to grow wild all around the farm. I am lurking with my shovel to bring some of them in closer to the cottage!

The hydrangea and the sweetgum have a wonderful little anecdote which I have been saving especially for Mother’s Day to share!

And now, A Mother's Day Story:

My landlady lost both her parents in recent years, one after the other. As with many other family members around the farm, she and her family have planted trees in their memory.

According to my landlady, in life her mother was a formidable and confident woman, while her was father a kind and soft-spoken man, an artist and craftsman. She described how her mother would always tower over her father, issuing orders which were to be followed forthwith.

In death, their story continues: for Dad, they planted the hydrangea, and for Mom, the sweetgum, which are pictured in these two final images. Mom continues to tower over Dad year in and year out, and Dad quietly opens his graceful blossoms each spring before Mom’s leaves are out in force.

* * *

To my mom, Mama Jo, and to mothers everywhere:

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. JLB,
    what a beautifully laid-out post and so thoughtfully crafted! Being a mother's day item, it stays refreshing. Your love for nature is so evidently shown in the spirit of your words.

  2. Thank you for a beautiful acknowledgement!! Wonderful story!! Spectacular flowers!!!

  3. Again, Happy Mother's Day KLD - I'm so glad you liked the flowers I chose for you.

    I hope your day is beautiful! Love, JLB

  4. I love the story about the sycamore and the hydrangea. And those little white flowers in the grass are TOO COOL.


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