Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Deep in the forests... of work!


While my files are still bursting with images to share with you at Arboreality, my attentions have been focused lately on one of two upcoming books for which I am providing some assistance.

We’ll get back on the tree track soon enough, but until then, please enjoy this lovely picture I took at the end of April.

Even if I don't have much to say, I'll still try to get some more images up this week. We have ferns coming up in the fields, and I just have to make some time to share those with you!


  1. Your pictures always speak volumnes of words....

    Good luck on the book project.

  2. Dear JLB,
    all the very best with your ambitions and splendid photography. Thank you for making our daily lives just a little more beautiful. Just take your time & we'll be here when you get back. cheers

  3. Wish you the very best for your book project


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