Saturday, April 01, 2006

Trees of the Main House

I love the Star Magnolia Tree post so much that I almost resisted posting today. But onward we must go!

These images were taken up by the main house: the largest structure still standing on the farm, and home to our landlords. Around the main house are numerous beautiful trees and plenty of diverse shrubbery sprouting beneath them.

The tree and hedge in the first image stand facing what I have learned was our landlady’s father’s playhouse – complete with fireplace and chimney! You can see the playhouse in one of my first images showing the early-blooming winter aconite. The playhouse's door and much of the surrounding area looks like a page out of Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden (incidentally one of my all-time favorite books).

Currently this former playhouse is used for storage, but it has so much potential! Like everything else around here, the playhouse and the main house each have their own mystery, their own history, and their own abundance of trees and plants for us to explore.

By the by, recognize the cone of the Norway Spruce?


  1. When was the main house on the farm built? Based on the section visible in the top photo I would guess maybe late 1700's, early 1800's??

  2. You know your architecture! I believe that the main house was originally built in the 1700's (I'll ask our landlady for an exact date next time I see her).

    It was purchased along with what was originally a 100 acre estate by our landlady's grandfather in 1901. Her grandfather was himself an architect, and helped to renovate and add on to this structure along with other buildings around the property (including my little rental cottage).


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