Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Grove

Our cottage is situated betwixt a unique clash of the old and the new. What was once a 100+ acre farm has been whittled down to just under 12 acres of trees, fields, and a smattering of old buildings and building remnants.

This little pocket of time-warp is surrounded by enormous, sprawling mansions and manicured lawns. We are virtually invisible among these monstrosities; unless you know to look for us, you’d never know that we’re in here.

The trees you see in these images belong to one of the few remaining groves still standing in the immediate area. It wraps around our little farm hold-out and extends to one part of the street. Hiding among the trees are some of the remains of the water springs I’ve mentioned which flow underground and occasionally surface in the grove.

For days I have been trying to capture this grove from several different locations to share it with you. The trees are all starting to open their buds, and consequently that “Pennsylvania Red” of which I have spoken is making itself even more apparent.

What amazes me most about this grove is the wonderful diversity of deciduous trees. We are in for a real treat this Autumn, wouldn't you agree?


  1. I'm overcome with envy and awe at what an amazing place you've found. It's like you stumbled onto the Isle of Avalon.

    When I was (briefly) in Pennsylvania and Delware in February, I was struck at the absolute lack of evergreens. I remember thinking at the time how amazing the fall must be there.

  2. Lily, I feel so incredibly fortunate... as one who lives to be among the trees, I feel like I stepped into a wonderful dream with this new place!


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