Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This old tree

At long last, I have finally found the right combination of decent lighting, puppy-free wandering, and will-to-move-the-garbage bins which has allowed me to share these with you today.

My breath caught in my throat the first time I saw her. As you can see she’s elegant, old, and filled with history. Despite the heart-rot that is visible in some of these images, I have no doubt that her buds will burst in the coming spring, and I will be there to see them!

I can look at this tree all day and still see something new tomorrow. While I had to narrow down the plethora of images I captured to just these five, you can count on more in the coming months!


  1. If you zoom to the last photo on this section, you will find a liitle hole in the upper-right hand corner. It loooks suspiciously like a home...


  2. oooo, good eye Ducklover! You may be right! We have a lot of wood peckers around here, and TONS of squirrels!

  3. Lots of squirrels means lots of tissues(the simpsons)

  4. Guess I missed that one Ducklover :)


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