Sunday, February 12, 2006

En hiver...

We have over 14 inches this morning, and the snow is still falling! We have been trying to build snow people, but the snow is just too powdery!

Happy full moon everyone!


  1. looks like someone did the snowdance...

  2. To me, it is beautiiful, especially in black and white.

    Being from So. California, snow is not a true word here.

  3. You know it ultimatewriter! Did another one this morning!

    Around Seattle where I grew up, we had good snow falls in my childhood, but not so in recent years. A solid snow like this one with 12"+ accumulation is pretty rare where I come from.

    Barbara, I've hiked the hills outside of Santa Barbara towards San Ynez, and if you go to the VERY TOP of some of those "hills" you'll see some snow! ;)

  4. Bel hiver mais un peu long.

  5. I'm in love with the second one from the bottom.

    Are the crocuses (croci? crocus?) flowering up through the snow?

  6. Gorgeous! Like trailhead, my personal favorite is the 4th one down. I love the ghostly look of trees in winter.

  7. P.S. it's good to know someone is blogging for the trees!

    "The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way." - William Blake, 1799, The Letters

  8. Manu - Oui, mais j'aime la neige!

    Trailhead - you got me on the plural of crocus... ha! I like crocii... but to answer your question, the yellow crocus I found in the yard were just swelling with yellow tips when the snow hit... same with the red tree buds you see in the previous post! I bet they're still down there, yellow and patient, waiting for the sun! As soon as I find them again, I promise pictures!

    Frankengirl - thanks for popping in - I was enjoying your blog! Glad you're enjoying the show here... and thank you so much for the William Blake quote. I love Blake, and the words are so appropriate!

  9. I Wish I can see snow. 14 inches, My god, must be really cold.

  10. Oh yeah GodKnows, it has been majorly cold in these parts, but I like it... I'll always prefer cold to heat!


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