Sunday, February 19, 2006


Here is this morning’s picture of some croci growing at the feet of the trees. They have reemerged from beneath the snow blanket with admirable fortitude! The sun and clear skies are warm in appearance only – it is literally freezing out there.

The beautiful snow-covered tree you see is situated near the beginning of our winding driveway. This is one of the final images from last weekend’s snowstorm, now but a melted memory.

PS - Trailhead, I looked it up - the dictionary says that the plural of crocus can be written either as crocuses or as croci. The same follows for cactus, and for octopus (one of my FAVORITE animals!). Ok, there's your English lesson for the day folks. :)


  1. I found your blog via Crystal’s “Wide Open Wonder” and I have to say that it’s very unique. I like the idea of a blog devoted to trees.

    And your pictures are lovely.

  2. Welcome JB, and thanks! I really enjoy playing with this blog, and the opportunity to share trees with the internet-at-large! :)

  3. Hi jlb!
    Just thought I`d drop by for a wee visit.
    You take a good photograph!

    Rather nice shots.


  4. Thanks Zeppellina! And by the by, your artwork is GORGEOUS!

  5. I am REALLY into gardening, I just love all sorts of flowers and probably I'll post about my indoor plant collection soon, because I "force" bulbs to have an early Spring and I adore orchids as well.

  6. I'd love to see your indoor plant collection! Please do share!

    When I moved from WA to PA in winter, I had to give away about 150-200 plants from my indoor garden, including my six orchids.

    I hope to regrow my plant family in time, and I'm so eager to get out and plant some herbs, flowers, and veggies!

  7. I think I'll say croci, just to be ornery and pedantic. :)

  8. My octopi grow croci in their garden in the shade! ;)


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