Sunday, January 15, 2006

View from a Rest Stop

Greetings Arborealists!

I finally got out my camera from my trip, and big surprise – I totally blew it on pictures across the US. You wouldn’t believe how terrible I am about taking pictures on trips and vacations and the like… I get so swept up in having fun and looking with my own eyes, that I completely forget I even have a camera. (On my first trip to Belize, I went down with four disposable cameras, and only used the first half of two, mostly on the last day before I left!)

So, upon looking this morning, I found this gorgeous picture from a particularly cold morning in Nebraska. We took the I-80 across the US, and I must say that Idaho and Wyoming are simply BEAUTIFUL! They were my favorites... although there was definitely more of that awesome sage scrub than trees to speak of in those two states (at least, from the I-80).

This picture, like virtually all of my few others, was taken from one of countless rest stops (and off-ramps, heeheehee). In the upper-right corner you’ll see the moon who was our constant companion on the road. We watched her rise in the evenings, and set in the day (as she was waning). The best moon rise we saw was a deep, red moon the evening we entered Illinois, hugging the horizon as a great red jewel.

Anyways, no clue what kind of tree you’re looking at here, but I do know that Nebraska was far more beautiful than folks might have otherwise led me to believe… flat as it was, it was a gorgeous landscape.

More to follow… we had a wonderful windstorm last night here in Pennsylvania, and I’m hoping to get a few shots of the snow-dusting we received before it melts away.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. What a beautiful picture! Worth framing.

  2. I gotta say, I love this one. Beautiful, graceful lines, and wonderful color. Love it.


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