Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy New Moon, Happy New Year!

Here you can glimpse a bit of the shadow I mentioned of the mystery tree, and one of its branches in the foreground. Beyond it you can see the Christmas tree, and a corner of our cottage.

Next week we’ll be exploring the large evergreens you can see next to my home. They grow in a way unlike any other evergreen I’ve encountered before, as you too will see when we visit them from many different angles.

This Sunday January 29th we’ll experience the first new moon of 2006 in Aquarius, which also marks the new year for many cultures. Best wishes and fresh starts to you all!


  1. Très jolie photo, bon week-end !

  2. Happy New Year to all. Fresh starts are always something to cherish because you can never get enough of them.

  3. Indeed - you can't go wrong with a clean slate and a fresh perspective! :)

  4. Great photo jlb. Reads like a poem


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