Sunday, January 29, 2006

My favorite kind of day

Rain is my favorite weather; I could never tire of it. Today I am blessed with a lovely, steady, soft rain – I hope it continues all week long!

Rumor has it I've been missing a nice long stretch of rain around Seattle since moving. At least I know the forest, trees and gardens in Seabeck are being well-watered. I hope to find the flower and herb beds happily overgrown upon my return.

You know, blogs are great for sharing my thoughts and images, but I wish I could convey SMELLS through this blog. Then I could share with you the wonderful scent of the rain on the trees, grass, and thickets.


  1. Are those rose hips? I'm so curious to see what kind of wild roses you have around there. Patrick's favorite flower is the wild rose that grows on the RI beaches-- pink and white and wiiiiild! I just found a nursery in Salem that propagates the wild roses of the Pac NW, and I hope to have all their babies in my garden some day.

    So far, do you "smell" more out there? The summers back east seem so much more fragrant, especially in the evenings. I guess it's the heat and the humidity carrying more of the earth's oomph.

    And Seabeck is getting doused, let me assure you. Sadie is growing moss between her pads.

  2. While there are definitely little red rosehips in that thicket (you can probably see some thorns too), I think that the big bunch of red is some type of berry (I'm not sure what kind yet).

    The thickets are FILLED with these badass roses that have some majorly wicked thorns (especially harsh when Blackfoot pulls me through them). Our landlady tells me that they were popular for hedge planting back in the day, so I take it they aren't wild... but I could be wrong. Wait until I post pictures of the trails through these hedges - they're beautiful, and filled with deer, bunnies... so many creatures!

    I don't know if I'd that say it's MORE fragrant out here in PA... but it certainly has its own lovely aroma that is quite different from the evergreen forests with which I am familiar.

    Love to Sadie!

  3. hmmm... I'll have to go take some more investigative pictures... those do look like a big bunch of rose hips, don't they? Maybe the berries were in a different picture...

    I've also discovered an interesting phenomenon at the ground level: someone is stripping away bark from the hedges and young trees... could it be bunnies? could it be deer? could it be, wuffie? :)


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