Saturday, June 17, 2006

For Dad

Happy Father’s Day Dad! These are for you! And Happy Father’s Day to Grandpa Tom, too!

The first image is a trillium which I caught an image of while still living in Olympia, Washington. Trailhead also has some righteous trillium photos at Trailhead Images. (From what I remember, Dad loves trilliums as much as I do).

Our second image is of the mystery elm. One of these days I’ll be able to give you a definitive answer as to its identity!

Third we have another mystery tree. I am at a complete loss as to what it might be: this tree is growing right next to the house in the front yard, and was obviously planted there by humans. The little flowers surprised me literally overnight, and disappeared almost as quickly. Any ideas as to what she could be?

The fourth image is of a beautiful mystery plant. While this plant has much the same shape as a young fireweed (among my favorite flowers), I know that it can’t possibly be the same plant. Fireweed would be WAY bigger by now!

My dad’s many interests include different branches of botany, and with that, paleobotany. There’s no doubt that my father’s interest in all things green and my parents’ decision to live in a well-treed place has fed my own natural love for trees and plants, and digging in the dirt.

Dad and Mom have provided me with numerous tree books, and my trusty camera, both of which are critical tools used in creating Arboreality, and in continuing my own botanical studies. To both Mom and Dad, thank you!

To Dad, and all fathers:
I wish you a very happy, relaxing Father’s Day!


  1. Thanks for the mention, jlb! Don't trilliums just make you sigh with joy? I have to dig up the image of the trillium we had in our yard in Indy. It was so different than the ones here in the Pac NW, but equally lovely.

    I also must agree on the coolness that is fireweed.

    My former brother-in-law is an arborist. I really need to turn him on to this website. (He's the guy with the baby skunks featured on my site.)

    Happy Father's Day, jlb's dad!

  2. I just about died of cuteness looking at those skunks Trailhead!

    I'd love to see your other trillium pictures... since more recently learning that they come in several varieties other than the one I grew up with, I am eager to see what other beautiful colors and forms they take!

    Happy Father's day to BloggerDad also - he sounds like a great guy!

  3. If you post a close up of a leaf and a flower, people might be able to guess about the mystery tree. Are you sure it's a tree and not a shrub?

  4. Greetings and welcome anonymous! I would be happy to share more details of this tree in a few days. It's quite a lovely little tree (yes, I'm certain it's a tree), and those little five-petaled flowers were quite unique. We have several running mystery trees around here, but we get 'em all eventually.

    Thank you for visiting - I hope you'll return!


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