Monday, June 12, 2006

Black Walnut

Meet my friend, the Black Walnut! We’ve seen black walnut before around Arboreality, and I’ve been eager to share it’s progress since leafing out. You can see the full-view of my favorite black walnut at the farm in last Thursday's Evening View post during the rainstorm.

In the images above you can see that the black walnut tree does share many features with one of our mystery trees, but the two are decidedly different.

There are numerous black walnuts around the farm, and they all bear a certain romantic grandeur with their enormous boles, far-reaching branches, and elegant foliage. Owing to a phenomenon called allelopathy, black walnuts have a tendency to kill other trees around them, allowing them plenty of room to grow and seed future generations. Come autumn, I look forward to the chance to show you their fresh, sponge-covered nuts as they plunk their way to the earth.

In other news, Arboreality has had its first bit of press today! Arboreality is now included among GardenVoices at GardenWeb, and received a warm introduction in today’s New Voices. Stop by and enjoy some of the other wonderful blogs (and bloggers) out there who bring you gardens, trees, and other fun greeneries.


  1. The texture of the bark is fascinating.

  2. I agree! It is the finest sculpture! I have a few good images of just bark somewhere in the archives... I'll have to post those someday. :)

  3. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement!

    The color of this bark is stunning.


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