Thursday, June 08, 2006

Evening View

We are having the most delicious rainstorm right now!

If it weren’t for the lightning, I would be out there taking pictures of those awesome green trees against the blue-grey sky. However, since that wouldn’t be the safest choice, I'll settle to share with you the view from my window.

Be sure to scroll down and check out the old linden tree - it's such an amazing tree!


  1. I so miss a really good toadstrangler of a storm.

    Ironically, we don't seem to get the storms here, just the rain. Was that your experience in Washington, or has it just been a storm-free couple of years here?

  2. While living in Washington, we usually got a few good washouts in the Spring and Autumn, but more often than not the trend would be for steady rains in any season that would last over the course of days, weeks, or in good years, entire months (I love rain). In general, the rain was steady and constant, although heavier the closer you got to the Olympics.

    It seems different here in Pennsylvania, where the rain moves in and just DUMPS, and then disappears! Last weekend, we had one downpour that filled half a 55 gallon trash can in two minutes flat! It was amazing!

    By the by, I just love the term "toadstranger"... mind if I usurp that one?! And did I mention that I saw my first toad here a couple weeks ago!? it was beautiful!

  3. PS - those couple good storms of the spring and autumn in WA are usually accompanied by the power-cutting wind, and sometimes thunder and lightening... but not nearly so much as there seems to be around Eastern PA!

  4. I miss those early summer storms back east. The gloom gathers, the storm bursts out and then subsides, leaving everything feeling fresh and dewy. Yep, that 55-gallon trash can thing sounds familiar.


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