Monday, January 25, 2010

Festival of the Trees Interview at The Nature Blog Network

Stop by The Nature Blog Network for an interview discussing The Festival of the Trees blog carnival with Pablo, Dave Bonta, and me. Learn about how The Festival of the Trees got its start, and how you can participate in future issues.

Many thanks to our interviewer Wren and the rest of the team at The Nature Blog Network for inviting us to share our passion, and for helping to share the community of nature bloggers with the world wide web.

To read past issues, volunteer to host, and learn more about The Festival of the Trees, we invite you to visit The Festival of the Trees coordinating blog.

Learn more about Wren's work at her blog Wrenaissance Reflections.


  1. Hey, Jade, thanks for the shout-out! It was my pleasure to interview you three, and I encourage all your fans to check out the feature - it's well worth a read whether you've ever contirbuted to FOTT or not.

  2. Thank YOU Wren - you do such great work, and it was a real pleasure to have a chance to chat about FOTT with you. Best wishes for a great 2010!



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