Monday, July 02, 2007

Festival of the Trees 13: Putting Down Roots is Now Online at Wrenaissance Reflections

The Festival of the Trees 13:Putting Down Roots is now online compliments of our host Wren at Wrenaissance Reflections. Thanks Wren for all your hard work – it’s a beautiful festival! Happy Birthday to the Festival of the Trees! You’re one year old! Wren starts us off with the following thought:

“Trees are inextricably linked to places, perhaps because it takes them so long to reach maturity and majesty. When we become very attached to a place, we liken ourselves to the trees, and say that we have put down roots.”

Today’s images are of a butternut tree () growing next to my cottage. I’ve blogged about this tree before at Arboreality; this tree is one of my favorites at the farm, and as I slowly grow roots in my new home, it is becoming one of those familiar friends that quietly pattern themselves to our daily routines like coffee and sunrises. Hop over to Wrenaissance Reflections to see what other trees people relate to, and share your own!

If you would like to contribute to next month’s festival, direct your requests to Dave, bontasaurus [at] yahoo [dot] com, or Pablo, editor [at] roundrockjournal [dot] com. You can also use the Blog Carnival submission form – it’s fast and easy!

The Festival of the Trees is always looking for new hosts. If you would like to host an upcoming Festival of the Trees, please visit the Volunteer to Host page at the Festival of the Trees coordinating blog, or contact Pablo and Dave at the email addresses above.

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Over the weekend we explored around the Susquehanna River, and I’ve returned with a handful of pictures to share. Hop over to Brainripples for a sneak peek with today’s Monday Morning Muse.


  1. The butternut is one of my favorites too, and next is the magnificent beech

  2. Cate, ever since moving to the east coast, I've developed a new appreciation for deciduous trees - the butternut tree is just so friendly and full of life (and fuzzy too)!


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