Thursday, June 28, 2007

Green Summer Pin Cherries

Anita Marie Moscoso recently commented that pumpkin plants in summer remind her of the autumn that is soon to come. Being a fellow autumnophile (and all-around-pumpkin lover), I know precisely what she means.

These pin cherries (Prunus pensylvanica) are another echo of the future: when the tired summer finally breathes her last, these cherries will sing the autumn into splendor with the first bright colors of the season. Also called the Fire cherry or Bird cherry tree, these small, colorful trees are among my favorite early Pennsylvania discoveries.


  1. I really regret not having gotten pumpkin plants going this year. The time just flew by and now...I think it's too late.

    I'll have to settle for buying a few come Halloween.

  2. Oni, there's always next year! I have such a list of things I wanted to plant... next year's garden will definitely include zucchini, tarragon, and a few kinds of berries!

  3. Zucchini is on my list too.

    I'd love to do some berries--I hadn't even thought of that. Pumpkins definitely. Eggplant. Green beans.

    There's just too much.

  4. Here we are just a week into summer and you're already talking about autumn. Just stop it!

  5. Oni, I know how you feel. Autumn planting is what I'm really looking forward to... I love hiding things in the earth to be forgotton until spring.

    Pablo, I'm afraid that for me, resistance is futile! I just can't help myself - I adore the autumn, and every passing summer day is just a step closer to cold autumn rains! Yes, yes! :D


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