Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Moss Gardens at the Bloedel Reserve

While visiting Washington, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful, verdant Bloedel Reserve. Pictured here is one luscious corner of the moss gardens – if it had been raining, I’d bet the mosses would have been even more vibrant!

[If you want to see even more lovely moss, check out the first image in this post at Via Negativa.]


  1. There's something so welcoming and homely about moss; a soft comfortable blanket for nature. It made me smile to discover that moss connotes 'maternal love' in the language of flowers (how it ended up being a floriographic subject, though, I'm not sure... as Bryophyta are rather flower free).

  2. Beautiful photos. Thanks for visiting so I could find your blog.

  3. ohh, so green! What a beautiful place! It brings out a sort of longing.. I want to be there!! Wish I could touch the moss.. soft..

  4. I may need to zip up there...

  5. Pollen Nation, I'm with you - I just love moss! Thanks for the floriography of moss - I wouldn't have considered that either!

    AuthorMomwDogs, glad you stopped by, come back any time!

    Salix, it was SOOO peaceful! Makes me want to start my own moss garden...

    TH, I highly recommend it. There's all kinds of beautiful stuff to see in Kitsap County!


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