Friday, April 20, 2007

I Love Dandelions!

I grow dandelions in my gardens, with my vegetables and flowers, and in my cold frame. I don't care what you call them, I think they're beautiful (and delicious)!


  1. Me, too. I don't go so far as to raise them in frames, but if they grow in the yard, so be it. The rabbits like them.

    Ever make dandelion wine?

  2. So you eat them. I understand they were brought over here with the Pilgrims as a salad green, and the rest is history.

  3. Dandelion Wine is a wonderful novel by Ray Bradbury!

  4. WrenaissanceWoman, greetings and welcome! I've never tried dandelion wine, but that sounds fantastic!

    Pablo, I hadn't heard that, but now I must go investigate!


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