Monday, March 26, 2007

Alive and Kicking

I’m not dead, but if you’d asked me a few days ago I might have said yes. My apologies for my two-week absence: I’ve been sick!

In other news, spring is awakening around the farm, and there is so much to show you! I’m sowing seeds and watching the first flowers awaken, including Winter aconite, daffodils, and croci. (Guess what I discovered when I looked back at last year's entries for those links? I was sick at almost the exact same time last year!) As soon as I get out with my camera, I'll have pictures for you.

And to toot my horn a little, I had a photograph published in Pennsylvania Pursuits Magazine. It’s one of my images of the mulberry trees from around the farm. If you subscribe, flip to the end of the magazine to find my image with a silk worm article.

There is more ahead. Thank you all for your patience, kindness, and support, and HAPPY SPRING!

PS – So tell me, how fast does the Arboreality header image load for you? If it’s not showing up, please let me know so I can find another image hosting service!


  1. Didn't load at all for me.

  2. Thanks Kelly, good to know!

  3. I'm not seeing it either.

  4. Hi JLB, Sorry to hear you were ill, and glad you are back among the living!

    Congratulations on being published in Pennsylvania Pursuits Magazine! That's so cool! :-)

    The header image loaded but it took about 30 to 45 seconds; much slower than it was a few days ago. Time of day and internet use may be a is just about 7:30 PM, PDT, as I write this. It might load slower or faster when internet traffic is higher or lower.

  5. Congratulations!

    The header loaded pretty fast for me. I'm on my work computer though.

    Also, looking back at last year's first-flower entry, I too have croci in my yard in the oddest places. Everyone in the neighborhood does.

  6. Thanks everybody for the feedback and the greetings! I'll work on that header image.

    Thanks again for all your patience and support,


  7. It took a while but it did finally load for me. Very nice pic! Hope you're feeling better.


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