Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cold and beautiful, wish you could see!

Good morning folks! I have so many pictures to share, but Blogger is not allowing me to upload pictures… so until that is resolved, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the Festival of the Trees 6.

Once Blogger is back online, I will be sharing images of our first true freeze, our newly planted evergreen tree, and much more! Next week I'll be interviewing a local environmentalist and sharing that discussion here at Arboreality.

Arboreality will see a few changes in coming months, including a few book reviews, and the development of an index which I hope will make it easier for readers to find information about specific trees.

More to come! Be sure to send Blogger some happy, functional thoughts of encouragement!


  1. Thanks for a fantastic festival so thoughtfully collated. It'll definitely more than suffice until you're able to post more tree candy, but I'm still looking forward to the photographs and prospective changes... book reviews especially.

    Oh, and before I forget, a last wave of the leaves from the conker trees in London; the cold is setting in here, too.

  2. Sorry to hear about the problems. Then new ideas sound great...looking forward to more interviews and the book reviews and all!

  3. Bonjour, bon courage en attendant, vos belles images.

  4. Just checkin' in. We hit minus 20(Celsius) this week; I'd almost forgotten how cold it can get around here. It should hit minus 30 and 40 in the next couple months. Minus 40; where Celsius and Farenheit overlap. i may be forced to go south this winter, somewhere it's warm... like Chicago.

  5. I love trees!

    We are in the process of adding more trees to our yard, so I will be checking in for ideas and advice!

  6. Go Blogger, go! ;-}
    Meantime have fun with a meme if you like. It's fun! List your 5 (or more) favorite Christmas songs! ;-}
    Here are mine:

  7. Pollen Nation, thank YOU for reading! I too am looking forward to bring fresh growth to Arboreality. {{{{Waves back}}}} to the conker trees!

    Michelle, yes, free services means occasional outages. One of these days, I'll find the funds and the means to host Arboreality myself. Until then, it's good to be back online!

    Manu, merci mon ami!

    Eric, goodness, and I think I'm cold at ten below freezing! I do prefer the colder months, but I suppose that I can say that when I'm sitting by a warm fire. Let me know if you decide to take wing and fly south!

    Sylvana, I could have guessed your love of trees by your name! I hope that you find helpful information here at Arboreality for your tree additions, but you can always try me with a question, and I'll do my best! ;) Happy planting!

    Salix Tree, greetings and thanks for the encouragement - I'm so glad that Blogger is cooperating this morning! :)


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