Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How it all started

We were met with this righteous sunrise through the trees on our departure date of Friday, October 27th. Not a bad way to start a vacation!


  1. Breathtaking!!!

    Glad you enjoyed the Geese Ice Capades...LOL

    Huggs, G

  2. Oh Wow.....even before I read G's comment, I thought: That just takes your breath away! LOL

  3. Utterly lovely. Hope it wasn't a case of that old shepherds' rhyme about pink skies, though, and the rest of the day was as wonderful.

  4. What a breathtaking sunrise! Now if only I could ever be awake early enough to see one of those.

  5. Geraldine, thanks!

    Michelle, thank you also. :)

    Pollen Nation, I'm actually not familiar with that one... is it a morbid reference?

    Caroline, I promise you won't be disappointed. Even when I'm loathe to pry myself from the warmth of my bed, I never regret the chance to greet the first light of day.


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