Tuesday, November 07, 2006

America - Remember to Vote Today!

Voting is an important right for every American citizen. The choices we make in electing our representatives at all levels of government affect many aspects of our lives – including the fates of our forests and other wild places.

Get off the blog for a few, and go vote!


  1. Get off the blog?! *gasp*
    (he he - just kiding....)

    In Oregon, ballots are mailed in, so we need only go to the nearest mailbox a few days before election day to vote. ;-)

  2. Oh Michelle, I totally miss Washington State where we also could mail in ballots! Here in PA, things aren't nearly so smooth. :)

  3. Amen, sister. I'm trying not to get too hopeful, but maybe better days are ahead.

  4. A big day in the US of A!!! Seems we just get the same problems, in a different format, with each new leader that steps into the job. Or so it seems up here in Canada.
    Maybe things are a bit better here now (I loathed Paul Martin big time and for so many reasons) but Steve H. is already making his own mistakes and forgetting promises by the day.

    Still better than what many people in the world have for leaders and govts. I guess we need to always remember that and cherish our freedom albeit slightly flawed.

    Yikes...didnt mean to rant, G

  5. Caroline, it's important that we keep looking ahead, as you say. It's only natural that the further things swing in one direction, the more likely they are to eventuall swing back in the other.

    Geraldine, no worries - I share your sentiments when it comes to my frustrations with some of our politicians here. I sure do miss those awesome Washington women - Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, and Christine Gregoire are just outstanding.

  6. This shot reminds me so much of Vermont. Beautiful.

  7. Lené, I can't wait for a chance to visit Vermont!


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