Friday, October 13, 2006

First Frost


  1. The first frost is always sad but then Indian Summer rolls in and that is at least a few more weeks of nice fall weather, USUALLY!!! Global warming is wrecking havoc though, isn't it? Weather patterns are so different now, and everywhere.

  2. I like these very much. We have not had frost yet, at least down in the valley.

  3. OMG, that first picture is stunning!! You got a winner there.

  4. how interesting that your first frost was ahead of ours and we're a little farther north. But then, I heard that Buffalo had 2 feet of snow last night! Wow. Our FF is supposed to be tonight.

  5. We've had nights into the 20's for a couple of weeks already, but it's warming up a little...enough to leave the window open at night, which I love to do even when it's chilly!

    Waking up to sunlight on a frosty ground is so beautiful, though...everything glitters. :-)

  6. Geraldine, I think I'd be happy if we skipped any warm October days and went straight to the snow... I'm so jealous of the snow in the north!!

    TH, thanks! Don't worry... you'll get your frost soon. Better queue up the tropical movies. ;)

    Jason, thank you. :)

    Caroline, isn't it funny the way the weather sort of swirls around? It was so nice to see the first frost! And I am SO JEALOUS of the Buffalo snow!!

    Michelle, I know just what you mean. I love to have at least a little fresh air, and that crisp, cold air is always welcome!


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