Monday, September 11, 2006

Where to begin?

I have so many amazing things to share from the trees that just I couldn’t decide where to start this morning.

Enjoy the flowers for now, more to follow soon!


  1. mmmmm... I can smell them from here! (Sweet autumn clematis, right? Please don't tell me if it's not--I've got that lovely scent locked in right now. lol.)

  2. Hi BlackswampGirl! Thanks so much for putting a name to the fragrance - yes! After googling Sweet autumn clematis I can say for certain that's what I've got - and oh, you are so right - it is just a delicious fragrance! This bunch is growing along the driveway, so I'm taking cuttings and trying to root them so I can plant some outside my front door. :D

  3. What is the fragrence like? They are beauitiful flowers, i saw something like them in fall city i think.

  4. Ducklover, that's a good question. Their fragrance is really beautiful - a heavy, sweet fragrance, similar to a jasmine, but not nearly as pungent. I suppose you'd have to smell them yourself... too bad I can't send you a smell-o-gram!


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