Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yellow Poplar Tree in Bloom

Last month we explored the Yellow Poplar tree, also known as the tulip tree. Laura tipped us off to the flowers, which are this tree’s namesake! While I eagerly awaited the blossoms on the local trees, they managed to open and wither before I could take a picture to show their true elegance. The title of my blossom image should be “spent.”

On a more fruitful note, I now can identify several other yellow poplars in the forest around the swamps and springs, where a few enormous trees have had me wondering at their identity ever since last winter. Which reminds me: I should get back in there some time soon so you can see an update of the woods in leaf!

If you want to see some really nice images of the yellow poplar flowers in full-glory, you can check out the gorgeous tulip tree images posted at Turning Toward the Light. The artist got super lucky with some shots of a local tree, and offers you some great information too!


  1. That tree is so beautiful. Nature never ceases to inspire me.

  2. I kept seeing the fallen petals from these flowers on our hikes in NY and couldn't figure out where they were coming from. I finally found a whole flower on the ground and of course had to photograph it!

  3. FrankenGirl, I get the impression that these flowers don't last long. Of course, I definitely missed the "peak" flowering on this tree, and the flowers on the bigger trees in the forest were too high for me to photograph! According to the article linked below (I found it through the "Turning Toward the Light" blog), these flowers are only fertile for a short window. My guess is that like most flowers, once they're spent, they begin to wither. Still, it does have many flowers in succession, and higher up there were prettier ones! Better luck next year, eh?

    Greetings Lone Beader, and welcome! It's true - I too am continually and daily amazed and enchanted by nature.

    Lily, I would LOVE to see your picture! Can I, can I huh? Do post it it if you have the inclination. :) I'll bet it's lovely!

  4. oops... link:




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