Monday, June 19, 2006

Think think think

This tree beside the cottage has a wonderful voice. It always tells you when the rain is coming, and loves to chatter. This tree also loves to listen. Beneath it, the neighbors have planted the roses with other flowers and ferns, creating a quiet little thinking spot.


  1. Your prose, along with this photo, is just lovely. I must go out and speak to my trees now...


  2. JL, Thanks for the white campion identification! I love the volunteers around our place. Your pictures make me think of the garden tours by gps (otherwise known as geocaching) we've been doing lately. I see you know our little nw corner of the country too! Who can help but listen to trees here?

    I enjoy the vegetable, herb & flower garden I blog about, but also the trees & pastures we have. Even a hillside free to do its own thing (except be totally overrun by blackberries). After our hosted sheep move on, there'll be more plantings of native trees & shrubs. I'll be back to see what your trees are saying. Thanks again!

  3. Oh my...A talking tree, with a high degree of beauty and articulation...How lucky can one be!

  4. Enjoy FrankenGirl :)

    Petunia's Gardener, geocaching is new to me... but I looked it up online, and it looks like fun! Indeed, I know and miss the beautiful Washington State. I'm glad you could visit, and you can be assured that I'll return to see what you and Petunia are up to in your neck of the woods!

    Barbara, my thoughts exactly - with a tree near by, one can never be lonely.


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