Thursday, May 11, 2006

The tree up the road

Doesn’t this tree look like it could just pull up its roots and walk away?

One of my favorite parts of tree blogging is working with the mystery trees. This tree is growing at the end of someone’s driveway about a half a mile up the road from my cottage. I am not yet sure of its identity, but in many ways this tree seems to speak for itself.

I first discovered it while exploring in winter, when its leafless body looked even more distinguished and personable. It wasn’t until recently that I struck the right combination of being out driving in the daytime with my camera in order to get some pictures for you. Above you can view it from both angles, as well as a few up-close-and-personals to get the feel of this beauty.

As you can see, this tree is enormous. I have a feeling that like other large, unique trees in the area, it bears a lot of history in that thick, broken trunk. In the future I will return to get a closer look at the leaves and see if I can give you a species identification.


  1. I spy wiht my little eye, a little old man in a den

  2. I mean with a den, not in one

  3. That is one groovy tree!

  4. I love that tree. I wonder what its exact age is, and how many have admired it before us.

  5. Houa ! Impressionnant, il doit être très vieux.

  6. Yes it does. It looks as if it is transporatble, as if each one of us could bring this unique tree to ourselves.

    I love the colors, bright, vibrant.

    Thanks for brightening my day!

  7. What a gorgeous old tree. It looks like one of Tolkien's Ents.


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