Monday, April 10, 2006

Moon rise, sun set

These rose hedges are going to look so incredibly righteous once they begin to bloom!

How's THAT for a five o'clock shadow?

Have a lovely evening, everyone... and a great Tuesday too.


  1. "For he sometimes shoots up taller like an India-rubber ball"

  2. Trailhead, I was totally impressed! Thanks :)

    KLD - great to hear from you again. Such an appropriate bit from Stevenson... :) Thank you for sharing!!

  3. What a surreal picture!

    Are these all taken in the place where you live?

    They are so varied, and beautiful trees.

  4. Crystal, thanks!

    Barbara, yes indeed... all of the images you've seen over the last few months, with the exception of the trip to the Poconos, have been taken entirely around the farm property on which I now live. I feel truly blessed to have moved to a cottage centered amid so much diverse flora, fauna, and history!!!

  5. this picture is awesome, i love it! good job :)
    happy easter

  6. Thanks so much Kirsten! Happy Easter to you as well! I hope the bunny brings you something nice ;)


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