Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone - especially you, Gaia!

Today, try to take a moment to enjoy the pleasures of nature, plant a tree, hug a tree, pick up trash, write a poem, stare at the clouds, visit a park, look into earth-friendly goods and services, and give thanks for this beautiful chunk of star dust that we call home!

And if you feel like sending flowers to someone special, try this site for environmentally-friendly, socially-responsible flowers, plants, and gifts:

Organic Bouquet


  1. Bonne journée et merci pour les fleurs.

  2. Happy Earth Day to you, too!

    Your blog is symbolically and actually a true tribute to earth day, each and every day!

  3. Many, merci!

    Barbara, thank you so much for your kind thoughts. :)

  4. Happy Earth Day!

    If anyone deserves a special day, it's our Earth.

  5. Indeed - Happy Earth Day, everyone, every day! :D


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