Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mystery, Solved!

We have a winner! Thanks to LilyB, who recommended the Wildflowers and Trees of Western Pennsylvania website, we have determined the common identity of the yellow flowers!

Our answer comes from the gracious Bob Zuberbuhler, author of Wildflowers and Trees of Western Pennsylvania. Here is what Bob had to say:

“I think the flowers you photographed are Lesser celandines, Ranunculus ficaria, in the buttercup family. I've never found one in Western PA, but understand they are more common in the eastern part of the state. The 9 petals are consistent with a buttercup, and the leaves look a lot like those of the Lesser celandine.

Please don't hesitate to send on any further unknowns; I enjoy trying to figure them out.

Hope you enjoy PA.


Thanks for all your help Bob, and thank you to all the Arborealists who offered suggestions, thoughts, and other ideas! I appreciate everyone’s input with our ongoing discoveries.


  1. I'm so glad you finally got an answer. He seems like a really great resource to have.

    A Sharp-shinned Hawk just landed in the tree outside my window and my camera is downstairs. Aaargh!

    P.S. Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. LilyB, thanks for your help in solving the mystery! I have a feeling that I'll be writing to Bob again sooner than later. :)

    As to the hawk... I tossed around the idea of a animal blog for many weeks, but I realized that I'm terrible with animal photography! It would be a slow-moving blog... Trees can't run (or fly) away. :D

  3. hi jlb. in appreciation of your consistent presence over on my blog, i just bought as much stock in arboreality as i could. :)

  4. Cornpone, thanks dude! I love visiting your blog... you do marvelous work!


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