Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fungus for Ducklover

As requested, here is one of the first shelf fungus I could find around the farm to share with you, along with some other pretty orange fungus. These are dedicated to Ducklover.

I wish I could tell you more about who they are or what they like, but all I can tell you for certain is that like many other beautiful fungus, these are happily growing on a pile of old, rotting firewood in the brush.

I’ll be certain to keep my eyes open for more fungus as I explore the area. At home in Seabeck, Washington, Spring and Autumn were some of the greatest seasons to find new fungus of all colors. Perhaps the same is true around Pennsylvania?

Next up: more springtime wonders! C'est magnifique!


  1. So cool. I used to collect fungi from all over when I was a kid. It especially liked a pile of rotting logs behind the house, as did snakes!

  2. Shelf fungus...I had never heard of that word before.

    Cannot wait for more springtime wonders...

    Thank you for your great comments about the moon...

  3. c'est un champignon ??

  4. Bonjour, le Printemps est plus en avance chez vous, merci de nous en faire profiter.

  5. A de dedication! To me! You souldn't have.

    Wow that is some really nice fungus, but the fungus on the log isn't Shelf fungus. I have some exotic Shroom shots from bainbridge.

  6. JB, right on with the snakes! I love log piles - you can find the most amazing things in rotting wood. :D

    Barbara, you hit on one of my favorite topics with your moon post, and I couldn't resist but to comment! Also, according to Ducklover I was a little too enthusiastic about the shelf fungus, and apparently this isn't one of them... I'll try to see if I can find an actual one to share with everyone at some point.

    Gérard, salut et bienvenue! Oui, c'est un champignon, mais je ne sais pas l'espèce. J'espère que vous retournez, et merci pour me visiter!

    Manu, de rien! J'aime partager le Printemps avec vous (mais aujourd'hui, il fait de la neige!!)

    Ducklover, thank you for the correction... perhaps you could share some images of a true shelf fungus with me, so I could get it right? I would love to see your exotic shroomies! ;)

  7. The first picture is shelf fungus and I would be happy to share my photos, but the second picture isn't shelf fungus.

  8. Ah, thanks for clarifying Ducklover... I THOUGHT that was a shelf fungus. After all, it does look like a shelf. :) Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts and knowledge!

  9. The second figure actually looks like a form of lichen but I might be wrong I am No expert believe me. Both are truly beatuful though. :)


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