Thursday, February 09, 2006

Up a creek

Beltzville State Park was our last stop on the way home from the Poconos. We’d made our way down to the water with the intention of attempting to fish… only to find (once we’d read the 2006 Pennsylvania Fishing Summary) that it wasn’t permitted at this time of year. Unfortunately, we cannot be certain of that, because that guide was more obscure and inscrutable than the finest of fine prints. Perhaps it was merely our lack of experience that led to the misunderstanding, but one way or the other, we abandoned the idea of fishing all together for the weekend, and simply enjoyed the beauty around us.

By the by, if you look carefully across the water in the top image you'll see some of the rhododendrons on the far bank near the shoreline!


  1. any good rafting waters in that park?

  2. Hmmm... I've never tried rafting, but I always thought it looked like fun! I don't know that there are any "rapids" around there, but there is a nice-sized lake for boating! :)

    Unless, of course, you're referring to more like Huck-Finn-Style-Rafting... in which case, you're all set! :)


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